Why Doesn’t Amazon Pay a Dividend?

Why Doesn't Amazon Pay a Dividend

Buying a share from Amazon was really higher-term buying it. This year, Amazon decided to split the stock and tried to include more members of the family. And also, investors felt that the shares are more affordable than in the past. But, always about buying a share is also about checking the dividend payment. So, what is happening with the shares of Amazon? Are they paying the Dividends or what is the truth behind it?

What is a Dividend?

Before checking on the details, we can assess what is dividend and how it is affected an investment. A dividend is mainly given to the shareholders of a company’s equity, or to anyone who is in the mutual funds, etc, and they will get an amount of the net profit as part of their investment and input. But, these dividend payments’ final decision is completely made by the board of directors. So, each company has different policies for dividend payments. And some companies have a policy to not pay back the dividends and they will invest this again in the stock for more growth. 

Why are Dividends Important?

Dividends are basically the main returns that we are getting on the investment and buying shares. If the company has the policy to pay a dividend, you will get a continuous result or return. But when is the dividend more important? If you are a senior citizen or if your steady income is from buying shares and getting dividends and profits out of it, or if you are completely out of involvement in the business, the dividend is a matter for you. 

Why Doesn't Amazon Pay a Dividend

What is Happening to Amazon’s Dividend?

As we mentioned, each company has its policies as well as terms and conditions for deciding how to provide dividends to the shareholders. For Amazon, they are completely investing all of its profits back. So, the dividends cannot be gotten for the stockholders. They have managed to explore many other areas like groceries and medicines to make people’s life easier. This is happening mainly due to the reimbursement of Amazon paying the dividends. So holding your dividend is making some more money for the company and you. And many investors are not feeling bad about their interest in Amazon because the growth stock is increasing day by day for Amazon. Also, it generated 20% and more returns in the last 10 years. 

According to the statistical source knowledge, Amazon shares in the stock are grown more than Netflix and other techniques as well as getting billions of revenue each year. But still, they are not paying dividends is still a problem for many shareholders and potential shareholders. But if you are checking whether any change could happen soon. The answer is a complete no. This is happening mainly due to the economic and profit fluctuations happening around. Currently, the company is focusing more on the growth aspect than focusing on dividends. According to critical viewpoints, the cash flow to Amazon is higher than we expect and they can manage the complete payment of dividends to the shareholders and at the same time they have money for reinvestment. 

Will You Ever Get Dividends from Amazon?

Amazon is completely on the path of growth through multiple types of investment. And they are investing every possible money back into the business. So, if you plan to get the dividends out of the net profit, Amazon will not be your best option. At the same time, if you want to get more profit and grow your share without investing single money again, Amazon stocks are for you because it is a fastly growing company around the world. 


There are many of you planning to buy shares or growing companies and thinking why there are no dividends. Here we discussed Amazon. Amazon is not paying the dividends to the stockholders and that cannot be expected in the near future. It is mainly happening due to the reinvestments of the dividends to the business. That means, your share is growing without further investments. So, investing in growth stocks are so crucial and helpful in the long run. If you want to get long-term returns, Amazon is got the best and fastly growing shares. So you must take care of those potential stocks when you buy. 

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