Where Do We Go from Here?

After record highs in major market indexes on February 19, the S&P witnessed its fastest bear market in history. The unprecedented loss of global wealth – and ensuing global monetary and fiscal policy responses – were equally historic. Should investors be “buying the dips” or “selling the rips”?

During Profit & Loss Dial-In Day earlier this month, Chris Solarz, managing director at Cliffwater, led a discussion with Jackie Rosner, managing director and portfolio manager at PAAMCO Prisma; Eric Peters, CEO and CIO of One River Asset Management; and Erik Norland, executive director and senior economist at CME Group, about what shape the recovery is likely to take.

The role of central banks, how the US presidential elections may contribute to market uncertainty and what the outlook is for the US dollar also came into focus.


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Julie Ros

Julie Ros

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