What’s Next in the Evolution of the FX Asset Class?

The rise of FX prime brokerage was one of the reasons why the growth of this asset class exploded in the mid 2000s, but is the model still fit for purpose today? Credit appears to have become increasingly constrained in recent years, is this squeeze just temporary or do funds need to look to alternative models for accessing and trading in FX?

At Profit & Loss Dial-In Day New York, Colin Lambert, managing editor at Profit & Loss, led a discussion with Dave Reid, global head FX prime brokerage at Deutsche Bank; Michael O’Brien, director of global trading at Eaton Vance; and Josh Bernstein, sales manager at 360T Americas that covered these and other topics, such as whether discretionary FX trading is still a viable strategy and how the rise of smart beta and alt risk premia affected the FX asset class.

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Julie Ros

Julie Ros

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