What Factors Will Drive Allocation Decisions This Year?

Institutional allocators, wealth managers and family offices want the best performance possible from their portfolios, but what does “best” really mean for these firms?

When they allocate towards hedge funds or other alternatives, are they looking for improved returns or for portfolio diversification? And what are the trends that will drive allocation decisions in 2019?

These are amongst the key questions that will be addressed by a panel of seasoned allocators at the upcoming Profit & Loss New York conference on March 27.

The speakers will also debate the extent to which broader macroeconomic trends and monetary policy decisions dictate allocation decisions this year, and whether assets will continue to consolidate into larger funds or whether smaller funds will offer better value to investors.

Another focus for the discussion will be what type of funds investors are looking at right now. For example, do CTAs look attractive given recent stock market wobbles, or will the poor performance of this segment in recent years weight them down? Are FX-focused funds more likely to get investment by branding themselves as “global macro”, or are allocators looking at currencies as a means of generating uncorrelated returns?

The New York event, which is free to attend for the buy side, will also feature panel sessions looking at trading in volatile markets, execution trends in FX and whether credit is being priced properly. To see the full agenda for the event, click here, or to register click here.

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