Volume Data Indicates Decent June for Platforms

The first group of FX average daily volume data indicates that platforms has a decent end to the first half of 2020, registering their third highest numbers of 2020.

FXSpotStream reports ADV of $43.3 billion in June, the platform’s third highest this year, indeed in its history. This represents volume is all FX products and is a 19.9% increase from May and a more modest 2.4% year-on-year increase.

Cboe FX meanwhile reports ADV of $34.6 billion, a 10.2% month-on-month rise and up 4.5% up from June 2019. The non-firm fill rate on Cboe FX was 84.87% – a decline from 86.32% in May – and ADV of firm liquidity streams, significant as the exchange group launches a firm liquidity CLOB, was $10.92 billion, slightly higher from $9.8 billion in May and steady at around 40% of ECN volume.

360T reports ADV of $23.8 billion, a 20.2% rise from May but fractionally down from June 2019, while Euronext FX handled $22 billion per day, a 12.8% month-on-month rise and a 14% year-on-year increase. The Euronext FX Tape reported trades with an average daily volume of $112.2 billion, the second highest since it launched in July 2018. This represents a 40.3% increase from May and a 17.4% increase from June 2020.

Colin Lambert

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