TrueFX Unveils Clearing Member Network

TrueFX, a venture between Integral Development and Jefferies FX prime brokerage business, has announced the launch of the TrueFX Clearing Member network, with Axicorp, FXCM and Velocity Trade as the first members.

Clients of the venture, which was announced in November 2019, will have the option to clear through Jefferies FXPB, the central credit counterparty for TrueFX, or can open an account with a TrueFX clearing member to directly access liquidity on the venue.

The new network allows buyside firms of all sizes to access liquidity from market makers without an intermediary, TrueFX claims, adding that firms can now enjoy direct market access and market makers can provide customised pricing bi-laterally to all customers regardless of direct credit relationships.

“TrueFX is an exceptional step forward in the integration of connectivity, liquidity, clearing and bridging technology,” says Brendan Callan, CEO of FXCM. “Bringing these services together in one seamless ecosystem allows for significant costs savings to the end client. Kudos to Integral and Jefferies FXPB for bringing TrueFX to market. FXCM is happy to be an original clearing member on the system.”

Harpal Sandhu, CEO of Integral, adds, “The size and scale of our clearing members allows TrueFX to service many more segments of the buy-side community. Having introduced significant efficiencies and cost reductions to the market through TrueFX, we look forward to bringing those savings to the widest possible user base. The launch of the TrueFX clearing member network will accelerate that process.”

Colin Lambert

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