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TraderTools Launches Globe

TraderTools, a supplier of electronic FX white label and software solutions, unveiled Globe, a new comprehensive global order book. Globe is enhancing the OrderTools component of STPlatform, the company’s straight-through processing eFX trading platform.

Globe facilitates the entry of orders into the STPlatform via an order desk by a dealer or a salesperson, a Web interface by remote branches or Internet-based customers and API by systems generating orders electronically.

The new system features a hierarchical order management that prioritises trading entities based on a pyramidal organisational structure; support for different types of business practises at different locations; crossing, and also an increased order flow and therefore deal flow.

TraderTools say that banks, brokerages and other financial institutions will benefit from increased flexibility, performance, security and integration.

"Globe represents a fully automated e-trading business process," remarks Mark Mayerfeld, executive VP, international sales. "With a true electronic global order book in place, banks, brokerages and other financial institutions will be able to trade and manage e-FX globally from multiple locations and pass the book seamlessly across time zones and money centres. These capabilities translate directly into increased trading volumes, revenues and liquidity."

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