Tradebook Raises Over $1m at Annual Charity Day

Tradebook raised over $1 million at its fifth annual Charity Day on Thursday.

The Charity
Day originated in 2012, with the New York office of Bloomberg Tradebook
donating the net commissions from its equities business on that day to five
different charities.

It has now
evolved to include London, Hong Kong and – in partnership with BM&F Bovespa
– Sao Paulo and will see the net commissions across all of the asset classes
that Bloomberg Tradebook services donated to 20 different charities.

The money
raised at this year’s Charity Day will bring the overall amount of money raised
by the event since its inception to over $5 million.

Lesko, CEO and president of Bloomberg Tradebook, says that the goal each year
is to surpass the amount of money raised the previous year, increasing the
challenge to those involved in the effort with each passing year.

hasn’t been the best year in the financial services industry and this autumn
has been particularly slow, but thanks to the hard work of our staff, the
celebrities and the clients who have really stepped up and helped us, we’ve
been able to achieve our goal,” he says. “Luckily the growth of the agency
business model has enabled us to move it across asset classes and so the
geographical and asset class expansion that we’ve enjoyed has been helpful as
we continue expanding our Charity Day each year.”

Lesko is
also quick to emphasise the role of charity and philanthropic endeavours both
within Bloomberg overall and specifically at Bloomberg Tradebook. “The
Bloomberg Tradebook Charity Day is not just about what we raise and give on
this specific day, it’s also a reminder to our clients, our staff and the
financial services industry how important we feel it is to give back to the
community,” he says. “Those of us involved in this business are in a very
fortunate and privileged position and we feel it’s our responsibility to give
back, not just financial contributions, but also in terms of time and effort.
One of the things we’re particularly proud of at Bloomberg is the work of our people
in this regard.”

As an
evidence of this he points out that in 2015 9,800 Bloomberg employees
contributed 86,800 hours of service to over 300 charitable organisations in 56
cities around the world.

“It’s not a
responsibility that we take lightly,” concludes Lesko.

Jon Bon
Jovi, Victor Cruz, Renee Goldsberry, Padma Lakshmi and Boomer Esiason were
among the celebrities that partnered with Bloomberg Tradebook in New York to
raise money and grow awareness for their causes.

In a
statement issued on the day Michael Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg,
stressed that philanthropy and public service are “core values” of the company.
“We’re proud to welcome new and
returning celebrity ambassadors for our fifth annual Charity Day and encouraged
to see the positive impact the event has had in our communities around the
world,” he said.

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