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TradAir Launches New Front-End Technology

Tradair announces the launch of a new front-end technology that is being applied across all of its platform user interfaces.

This new front end includes modernisation that leverage the React framework while offering additional features for both the trading application and Business Intelligence (BI) solution.

The React framework is a third-party javascript library, which includes a feature called “Virtual DOM”. The firm says that by utilising this library, financial institutions can gain several advantages, for example, they can achieve significant performance through the optimisation of data transfers for web applications. Once implemented, the REACT framework also streamlines web development, enabling TradAir to provide customised applications that can be built and quickly deployed in the market.

As part of REACT modernisation, TraderAir has updated the look and feel of the widgets, blotters and dashboards on the front end, which the firm says now offers financial institutions the latest in usability and functionality.

“In terms of the modernisation of specific features though, each client is unique, which is why we view personalisation as the next evolution in client trading technology,” Brian Andreyko, chief business officer, tells Profit & Loss.

He continues: “Most vendors are still stuck with performant, but antiquated technology in terms of personalisation, maybe offering shared stream configurations or perhaps logo and colour changes. By contrast, our technology is performant, but also offers full control of the graphics and content, coupled with bespoke liquidity, algos and workflows. So effectively, we’re able to provide the flexibility of a home grown system without the costs normally associated with that.”

The new front-end technology is being used across all modules, including the recently launched sales dealer’, as well as trading screens, pricing engine and white label.

Sebastien Donadio, CTO, comments: “We continuously innovate our solutions with the newest technological advances to lead the market in addressing ever changing business requirements. The React framework enhances performance using virtual HTML DOM, delivering seamlessly faster reaction than older technologies.”

TradAir was the first to market with institutional quality HTML5 FX trading solutions,” adds Ayal Jedeikin, co-founder and CEO. “We have always embraced new technologies that allow our clients to lead the market with innovative solutions. However, innovative solutions are not enough, and one size does not fit all. Our clients demand more tools and personalisation, and our new front-end is the first of several product enhancements, collaboratively derived to provide for the growing demand we see for personalised experience. I am excited about our plans for 2020, where we will continue to innovate the channels between banks/brokers and their clients.

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