TradAir Enhances Full Amount Functionality

Tradair has rolled out enhancements to its full amount execution
service, the firm claims the new logic provides “improved fill-ratios and greater execution control”.

Clients are
now able to define order size above which execution is against best price from a
single full amount LP, define order size below which execution is against best
prices from sweepable LPs, and automatically execute at best price from
sweepable LPs or a single full amount LP.

Using the
analysis of trading flows, TradAir adds that firms are now able to set their
own threshold order sizes for full amount execution, thus “improving
fill-ratios and optimising execution performance”.

Under the
new logic, a liquidity provider accepts ‘relationship based liquidity
agreements’ with their price taking counterparts, whereby the LPs agree to
price the full amount of an order (up to agreed maximum size), on the
understanding that the entire order will be executed with the one LP that
provides the best price for the full order amount. The platform says it
currently provides full amount pricing from “many” `LPs in up to $100 million.

“Execution performance
is critical to our clients and their customers,” says TradAir acting-CEO Ayal
Jedeikin. “By providing direct relationship based liquidity to our clients and
optimising the execution between sweepable and full amount liquidity we can
provide clients the controls to optimise their fill ratio based on their own
trading flows and styles.”

The latest
roll out continues a spate of ‘full amount’ releases – last
week Gain’s GTX also rolled out full amount trading
on its platform.



Colin Lambert

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