TP Icap Launches FX Options Platform

Interdealer broker, TP Icap, has launched an FX options platform, FXOhub, which the firm says represents “a step-change in intuitive liquidity sourcing and trade execution”.

FXOhub provides a single logon to the TP Icap Order Book screen for ATM Straddles, Risk Reversals and Butterflies, as well as a Request for Quote (RFQ) screen that shows the received specific interests for the day and associated liquidity. Customers connecting via API gain access to liquidity pools of both brands, where available. Front-end users can view liquidity provided by both brands on a single screen.

Both platforms offer customers an API through which they can access TP Icap’s market data. The RFQ platform also supports an electronic quoting API, while the Order Book supports an Order Management API for ATM Straddles, which will soon include Risk Reversals and Butterflies.

Paul Dunkley, senior managing director, says: “We constantly strive to provide our clients with the best possible service and FXOhub will do that. It is an industry-leading platform which we are confident will be very popular due to its innovative features and intuitive ease of use.”

Front-end users will benefit from being able to electronically execute in RFQ mid-pricing  auctions on screen, as well as the ability to submit runs of orders on the Order Book on over 250 supported currency pairs. The Order Book allows users to enter their orders quickly and efficiently through multiple methods. Users can also aggress orders quickly on screen with a single mouse-click or enter multiple passive orders whilst ensuring they are protected by using spot and/or time stipulations.

The broker says the new platform differentiates itself from the competition by offering a quick and easy view of each currency pair’s supported strategies through “slide-out panels”, offering users the ability to quickly view (and aggress) the RRs and FLYs associated with the ATM Straddle tiles, which they are likely to want to keep in view at all times.

The platform is fully customisable so that each trader can design their own preferred setup through the use of the latest HTML5 technology on which it has been built.

Julie Ros

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