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Three Brokers Install New Derivatives Pricing Product

GNI Ltd has upgraded to k.A.C.E. (Kalahari’s Advanced Calculation Environment) from the WinDiamond32 product, which they first installed last year. “There are three main reasons why we decided to make the change to k.A.C.E. Firstly, we are a hybrid products sales desk, trading in futures, swaps and bonds, and being able to see all of these prices on the same page is a big advantage for us. Secondly, k.A.C.E. facilitates inter-office communication of prices, and thirdly, the accuracy of the pricing is second to none,” says James Shekerdemian, associate director.

Meanwhile, Harlow Meyer Savage SA, Luxembourg, part of the Garban-Intercapital Group also recently upgraded to k.A.C.E. for use on their Scandinavian desk. “Due to the changes in the European markets we have found that traditional methods of pricing swaps, particularly the euro, to be inefficient, however with k.A.C.E. we are able to use a range of instruments to build yield curves, giving the user a clearer view of the market,” says Roland Bonnici, managing director.

Additionally, Tradition UK has taken Kalahari’s WinDiamond32 product to price FRA’s and interest rate swaps on its sterling desk.

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