Forex Network Chicago features two panels looking at the most important subject of liquidity provision in FX markets through two very different prisms. The first looks at the issue from the perspective of FX banks; how are they prioritising where they send liquidity and how are data capabilities changing how clients are evaluated? It will also look at the role of buy side as genuine liquidity providers and look at the impact on market conditions if what some consider to be a withdrawal from the market by the banks takes place.

The second panel sees four leading non-bank liquidity providers take to the stage to discuss the issue from their viewpoint as well as how the sector will continue to evolve. Is there a natural growth ceiling for the non-bank sector, and if not, where and how do they grow? How are these firms going to access true end-user business and can they build a client franchise? 

Forex Network Chicago takes place from September 24 – 26 at the Westin River North, so register today for Profit & Loss’s flagship conference and technology exhibition and hear expert speakers from investment firms, market utilities and spot liquidity providers as they offer their takes on disclosed bilateral trading, non-banks’ role in liquidity events, agency versus principal-based models, and more. 

Colin Lambert

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