The Crypto Market Structure in 2020 and Beyond

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At the recent Profit & Loss Dial-in Day New York, LMAX Group CEO David Mercer spoke to P&L’s managing editor Colin Lambert about the evolution of the crypto industry as LMAX Digital – the firm’s digital assets exchange – turned two years old.

Mercer stressed the building blocks needed to accelerate institutional interest in crypto – namely banks offering the product to their clients and those clients actually having the ability to hold the physical asset, before the conversation turned to liquidity conditions over the past three months – including why bitcoin actually outperformed some well-established assets.

Warning that the industry still faces “bumps in the road”, Mercer still makes a strong case for institutional investors holding a small proportion of their assets in crypto, although he is a little sceptical on the phrase “central bank virtual currencies”!

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert

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