The 2020 Readers Choice Digital Markets Awards Winners

The 2020 Digital Markets Awards, voted for by Profit & Loss’ readers, attracted more that 7,000 votes across the categories – a new record for these awards.

This year, for the second time, readers were able to vote for three digital assets-related categories, as well as the more traditional FX segments.

The results were as follows:

Best Market Maker in Major Currencies

1: JP Morgan

2: Deutsche Bank

3: XTX Markets

Best Market Maker in Emerging Markets

1: Citi

2: XTX Markets


Best FX Prime Brokerage Bank

1: Natwest Markets

2: Deutsche Bank

3: Citi

Best Prime-of-Prime

1: IS Prime

2: Saxobank

3: Invast Global

Best FX Algo Execution

1: BNP Paribas

2: Credit Suisse

3: JP Morgan

Best FX Platform for Corporates – Bank

1: CitiFX Pulse

2: Deutsche Bank


Best FX Platform for Corporates – Tech Provider

1: 360T

2: FXall

3: Currenex

Best FX Platform for Hedge Funds – Bank

1: Deutsche Bank

2: JP Morgan

3: Morgan Stanley

Best FX Platform for Hedge Funds – Tech Provider

1: Currenex

2: CboeFX

3: Euronext FX

Best FX Platform for Asset Managers – Bank

1: JP Morgan

2: Citi

3: UBS

Best FX Platform for Asset Managers – Tech Provider

1: FX Connect

2: Bloomberg

3: FXall

Best Anonymous Matching Platform

1: LMAX Exchange

2: Euronext FX

3: EBS Market

Best Order Management System

1: Barracuda

2: SmartTrade

3: Quod Financial

Best Market Data Provider

1: MarketFactory

2: EBS

3: Currenex

Best Post-Trade Provider

1: FX Connect TradeNexus

2: Traiana

3: MarkitServ

Best in Connectivity

1: MarketFactory

2: Lucera

3: Redline

Innovation of the Year


Best Research – Bank

1: Citi

2: Deutsche Bank

3: Nomura

Best Research – Third Party

1: InTouch FX

2: Capital Economics

3: Reuters

Best FX Clearinghouse


Best Institutional Digital Asset Platform

1: LMAX Digital

2: BitGo

3: Kraken Exchange

Best Institutional Cryptocurrency Liquidity Provider

1: B2C2

2: Jump Trading

3: Genesis

Crossover Award for Best Crypto/Fiat Initiative

LMAX Group

Colin Lambert

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