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DerivActiv, a provider of derivative valuations, will provide a free 12-month swap payment cashflow verification report to new customers. The report will review one year’s worth of payments for all types of derivatives, including plain vanilla swaps, swaptions, knock-outs, CMS swaps, equity swaps, foreign currency swaps, range accrual swaps and other exotic derivative structures. The firm aims to spot errors by spot dealers that may arise in transactions and support clients to recover any lost amount.

Ship and crew management company Anglo-Eastern has selected Deutsche Bank’s global cross-currency payments product FX4Cash. The service enables Anglo-Eastern to use one base currency account from which it can make payments in more than 75 local currencies via wire, cheque and automated clearing house. It is accessible via Swift, the Internet and host-to-host services.

GFI Group has signed a multi-year deal with Prism Valuation (PV), a provider of valuations of complex over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives, whereby PV will use GFI’s credit derivatives data in its valuation services.

Asset manager Millburn Ridgefield has selected OneMarketData‘s Onetick platform to improve its management of streaming tick data. Onetick handles tick data needs, across asset classes, supporting algorithmic, low-touch and programme trading, statistical arbitrage and market making, regulatory compliance and surveillance, and alpha research and transaction cost analysis. It captures, compresses, archives, and provides uniform access to global historical data.

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