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AVS Asset Management, headquartered in Dubai, has selected FX Bridge Technologies‘ ProTrader Plus platform to provide customers with contracts for difference, spot, and options trading.

List Group, the electronic trading software provider behind 15 of Europe’s electronic markets, has launched Brain3 (B3), a complex event processing (CEP) and algorithmic trading engine, providing buy- and sell-side firms with technology for the development of low latency, automated algorithms.

B3’s CEP engine allows the real-time monitoring and analysis of event streams and the parallel development of customised and complex strategies. B3 is fully integrated with List’s multi-asset FastTrade e-trading platform.

Stefano Falciani, managing director List UK, says: “B3 not only allows you to back test, but also measure the effectiveness of your algos interacting with the previous day’s market data via a playback function or in real-time by mirroring real time market data.”

Tradermade, a provider of real-time technical analysis, has made enhancements to both its Maverick Charting and the InterpreTA Market Commentary services and is offering the pair as a combined service.

Brian McNulty, business development director at Tradermade International, says “Maverick now has enriched quote pages and refined click-to-order directly from the charts, on top of enhanced performance benefits from improved technical analysis functionality such as the publishing features, overlays, alerts and baskets.”

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) has released the recommendation for version 4.7 of its Financial Products Markup Language (FpML). FpML is the XML-based business information exchange standard for electronic dealing and processing of derivatives and structured products. Recommendation status is the final step in the development process of a version of the standard. Version 4.7 marks further improvements in interest rate, commodity, and credit derivatives.

ISDA is also continuing parallel efforts to develop version 5 of the standard. Version 5 will include a redesign of the existing coverage for FX and syndicated loans and incorporate the work of the recently started collateral working group.

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