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FCStone has implemented SunGard’s Sierra Advanced Margining module to support the expansion of its FX offering to include FX cash and FX derivative products. Sierra’s Advanced Margining module provides brokers and their clients with a centralised workspace in which they can manage real-time margin, fee, trading activity, position, and revaluation calculations. This helps them improve monitoring of house and client positions, client orders and risk breakdown.

ReMatch, the credit default swaps (CDS) balancing and risk mitigation service, has removed $97 billion of risk in western European sovereign CDS since the launch of its sovereign CDS service in November 2010. Since the launch, ReMatch has run 35 Western European sovereign CDS sessions from 11 banks. To date, ReMatch has removed $187 billion of sovereign CDS risk in markets across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

RTS Realtime Systems Group has signed a letter of intent and has begun negotiations to take over Pune, India-based technology firm, First Futures Software Engineering (FFS). This is the first acquisition in Germany-based RTS’ history since being founded in 1992. RTS opened its first office in India in April this year to better serve its’ clients there.

IT2 Treasury Solutions has been selected by the Financial Management Service (FMS), a sector of the US Department of the Treasury, as the central repository of information for the purposes of cash management, to improve its operations. IT2’s responsibilities will include working to reduce multiple re-keying data entry operations while also ensuring best practice according to Treasury regulations, as well as the implementation of control standards.

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