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White House Watch: The Hazards/Opportunities of Rising Expectations

This Juneteenth, things have really changed, with pollsters saying never before has US public opinion changed so dramatically and so fast as in the 26 days since the gruesome killing of George Floyd. If only history showed that such turning points were typically the beginning of more easily achieved improved circumstances, like for those carrying […]

White House Watch: Something Worse Than Either Side Winning?

All eyes are now on the 2020 presidential election – the words every day from every cable network and, from time to time, maybe the question should be raised, why? First, back to headquarters for late breaking virus news, like the CBS’ 60 Minutes interview with Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell Sunday night. He said […]

WHW: The Truth about Dr Bright and the President

When Jack Nicholson ad-libbed, “You can’t handle the truth” in that 1992 movie it became one of those phrases that assumed a life of its own, used long after in contexts far removed from the original plot. The Nicholson character’s truth proved to be irrelevant, part of a strident defence that did not prevent his […]

Why Fixate on Facts – or ‘Facts’

The Corona Virus Task Force has done its job and the new projections of virus death tolls are so high because they assume no further mitigation efforts. Facts? Who are we to question high officials? Why does anyone question anything? Profound questions – about questions – which probably relate somehow to survival of the species. […]

Let’s Not Abandon Virus Happy Talk Too Soon

The US economy is going to be back soon, bigger and better than ever; testing is in great shape and we’re going to have stadiums packed shoulder to shoulder – and one more thing, sometimes fantasy isn’t all bad. Watching the crowds at the Michigan statehouse protesting and in Boston and so many other places, […]

WHW: About a Third of Americans Say Virus Not Much of a Worry

A divided US nation consumes the news in a divided way so for Republicans, a revered president answered questions completely and in detail Sunday night at the Fox News virtual Town Hall titled “America Together: Returning to Work.” For Democrats who expressed themselves on social media, the reaction was, as always, quite a bit different, […]