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FXPA Webinar: “FX Global Code: One Year Anniversary – Where are We?”

Join members of the Foreign Exchange Professionals Association (FXPA) on Wednesday, May 30, for a webinar on the “FX Global Code: One Year Anniversary – Where are We?” at 10am (Eastern US)/3pm (UK)/10pm (Singapore).
This webinar, hosted by the FXPA, takes a look at how firms are approaching adherence to the FX Global Code of Conduct in the FX markets, which was released on May 25, 2017.
Join FXPA’s chairman, Chip Lowry, senior managing director of State Street Global Markets; David Puth, vice chair of the Global Foreign Exchange Committee and CEO of CLS Bank International; Lisa Shemie, FXPA board member and chair of the policy committee, and associate general counsel, chief legal officer of Cboe FX Markets and Cboe SEF at Cboe Global Markets; and Mark Bruce, FXPA’s chair of the Global Code Working Group and head of FICC at Jump Trading.

Webinar: “How Does the Global Code Apply to Me?”

The Foreign Exchange Professionals Association (FXPA) is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, May 31, that looks at “How Does the Global Code Apply to Me?” at the following times: 10am (Eastern US) / 15:00 (UK) / 10pm (Singapore).
Webinar participants include Chip Lowry, Senior Managing Director at State Street Global Markets and Chair of FXPA; Lisa Shemie, Associate Counsel at Bats Global Markets, a CBOE Company and Member of the FXPA Policy Committee; Tahreem Kampton, Senior Director, Microsoft and Board Member of FXPA; and David Puth, Chair of the Market Participants Group for the Global Code, and CEO of CLS.

FX Regulation: What Traders Need to Know

As 2016 comes to a close the regulatory agenda shows no signs of slowing. While the FX market itself has largely not been directly addressed by new regulations, it has been swept up in many of the broader OTC market reforms.

March 1 will mark the implementation of the variation margin requirements for non-cleared derivatives, meaning that thousands of counterparties – including asset managers, pension funds, insurance companies and hedge funds – will need to change their existing collateral support agreements, or set up new ones, before this date.

Dissecting the Impact of a Brexit

The UK’s referendum decision to leave the European Union has led to wild swings in the valuation of sterling, and caused significantly increased volatility in many other currencies. But while analysts, strategists and economists will spend the next few months trying to determine and predict what will happen next, a more immediate and perhaps more […]

FX Post-Trade: Ripping Off the Band-Aid

FX Post-Trade: Ripping Off the Band-Aid A Profit & Loss Audio Webinar in association with Markit  Tuesday, March 8 2016 3.00pm GMT/ 10.00am EST For years market participants have been implementing a patchwork of solutions to help them cope with the increasing complexity and fragmentation of the FX market. Their attempts to improve post-trade procedures […]

The Legacy of FEMR

The Fair and Effective Markets Review may be a landmark event in FX markets as for the first time a regulatory body has joined the debate over practices such as internalisation and last look. So what does FEMR say on these practices and where do we go from here? Are there feasible solutions to help […]

The FX Crisis: Dealing with Human Risk and Restoring Trust within the FX Market

In association with Digital Reasoning Systems.As the financial services industry looks to recover from the recent FX crisis and restore trust within the FX markets, banking executives are under pressure to fully understand the risks inherent within their organization. Beyond market, credit and trading risk – human risk is quickly becoming the single largest exposure […]

Chaos in the FX Market: What does the CHF Story mean for the industry?

What are the long term implications of the chaos caused by the Swiss Central Bank’s decision to pull its three-year old EUR/CHF floor? If central banks are supposed to support orderly markets, the SNB’s decision caused the opposite.What were the mechanics of how the market was informed of its decision?How did FXPBs survive and will […]