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E-Ratios Rise, Channels Change in FX Turnover Data

Data from the latest UK and US FX committee turnover surveys indicate that customers went through disclosed channels in April 2020, however dealers internalised less risk. The UK’s FX Joint Standing Committee report has one enigma – a change in the report that has seen the share of the multi-dealer platforms in spot trading apparently […]

Vaccine Breakthrough and the Stealth Task Force

There were clues Monday that the White House Corona Virus Task Force still exists, a sighting of two of its members and the disclosure by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin that he will attend Task Force meetings this week. Otherwise there was no sign of the NIH’s Tony Fauci nor of the Task Force response coordinator […]

WHW: The Truth about Dr Bright and the President

When Jack Nicholson ad-libbed, “You can’t handle the truth” in that 1992 movie it became one of those phrases that assumed a life of its own, used long after in contexts far removed from the original plot. The Nicholson character’s truth proved to be irrelevant, part of a strident defence that did not prevent his […]

White House Watch: Fighters, Haters and Unsung Heroes

There is a basic problem in news coverage of the pandemic, the fact that the virus culture wars are much more interesting than the fight against the virus itself. When President Trump calls an answer from NIH’s Tony Fauci “unacceptable” as he did Wednesday, the president’s fans are cheering how he shows the know-it-alls – […]

WHW: One Word Said It All – ‘Inevitable’

The testimonies of Dr Tony Fauci, Robert Redfield, Stephan Hahn and Brett Giroir Tuesday seemed to many, perhaps even a lot of investors and traders, like something new when in fact there was not only nothing new, but what was there was way too late. The testimonies, if anything, just demonstrated again it’s not the […]

White House Watch: Amid the Testing Haze, a Breakthrough

It has been a little more than two weeks since there has been a US Corona Virus Task Force briefing and Monday’s substitute, a presidential briefing, was intended to illustrate vast progress made in making virus testing widely available. The Rose Garden even had added to the background two large banners, proclaiming ‘America Leads the […]

Hot or Cold War, Or Peace for Our Time?

We all know the big things in our lives that are changing because of the new consciousness of health risks and the sense of shared responsibility we feel for those around us, particularly the seniors, but there are less obvious and more subtle threats we have to deal with these days – like war with […]

Gruesome Virus Developments Hardly News Any More

Virus infection cases kept multiplying in the US Thursday, death tolls kept going up, more governors and mayors ignored President Trump’s dream of packed churches on Easter and the US kept mostly ignoring the kind of contact tracing that slowed the virus to a crawl elsewhere. By one count, the US number of infection cases […]

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