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Cloud9 Appoints COO

Cloud9 Technologies has appointed Jim Miller as chief operating officer (COO). In this role, he will guide product realisation and rollout, as well as assist in defining business and market strategies across the organisation, including the company’s efforts to facilitate the integration of voice data and activity into the trader workflow. Miller joined the firm […]

And Finally…

The US legal system continues challenge many aspects of the OTC market structure, the latest being a lawsuit brought by interest rate swap trading venue provider TrueEx against a group of banks. To me, not only does the lawsuit highlight the general misconception that liquidity is an apparently valueless commodity, but it also signals – should the decision a certain way – a fundamental change in who decides what liquidity goes where…and believe me the LPs will not be the ones deciding.

TrueEX Launches BRL Execution Tool

Interest rate swap trading platform TrueEx has added Brazilian real (BRL) interest rate swaps execution with clearing through CME, to its platform. The new offering allows BRL swaps traders to clear, execute new risk, terminate or compact positions and process their positions directly at CME, the company says in a statement. It also enables them […]