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UK/Ireland Added to Travel Ban; Fed’s Powell Threatened

White House Watch: Trump says he has ‘right’ to remove Powell as Fed chairman, while Senate considers virus response legislation. The NIH’s Tony Fauci Saturday repeated his warning that the coronavirus fatalities will continue to mount in the US in a briefing in which president Trump confirmed travel from the UK and Ireland is being […]

Research Contradicts US Officials on USD Strength

A research note today from Societe Generale found that, despite claims from senior US officials, the USD has generally weakened against other major currencies over the last two decades. This announcement comes after a press conference on Saturday, where US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin argued that by not intervening to support the yuan, the Chinese […]

ECB Minutes Highlight Currency Manipulation Concerns

The minutes from the European Central Bank’s latest monetary policy meeting reveal anxieties about nations manipulating their currencies for competitive gain.

According to the ECB minutes, which were released today, “A number of remarks were made about recent exchange rate developments.”

It was noted in the minutes that while the euro exchange rate is not a target of ECB policy, movements in the exchange rate are deemed important insofar as they can affect the outlook for growth and inflation in the euro area.