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LabCFTC Releases Smart Contracts Primer

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s LabCFTC has released, “A CFTC Primer on Smart Contracts”. The primer is part of LabCFTC’s effort to engage with innovators and market participants on a range of fintech topics, and follows on from a 2017 primer on virtual currencies. 

“Smart contracts are being used to drive further automation in our markets and may have an impact across a range of economic activities,” says LabCFTC director Daniel Gorfine. “This primer is focused on explaining smart contracts, exploring how they may impact our markets and highlighting potentially novel risks and challenges.”

The primer sets out to define “smart contracts”, including by exploring their history, characteristics, and potential applications that may eventually impact daily life.

R3-Led Group Turns to Smart Contracts

R3 has announced that it is leading a group investigating the development of master templates for smart contracts that can be used on “blockchain-inspired” platforms. Following the R3 Smart Contract Templates Summits in London and New York in late June, R3 has agreed to collaborate with a working group, which includes Barclays, the International Swaps […]