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RTS 28

Cappitech Rolls Out RTS 28 Intelligence Tool

Cappitech has announced the launch of RTS 28 Market Intelligence, a product that the firm claims allows financial institutions to use regulatory compliance data to their own advantage by assessing firms’ best execution capabilities across all asset classes and benchmarks performance to the industry average. The new product enables asset managers to optimise performance by […]

BestX Rolls Out Regulatory Reporting Module

BestX has expanded its suite of best execution analytics with the launch of a new regulatory reporting module. The new functionality allows buy-side clients to schedule and automate the best execution reports they need to generate to satisfy their obligations under MiFID II.
BestX says it has employed legal expertise to help navigate this complexity and distil from the text exactly what needs to be reported from a practical perspective. The product allows clients to configure the reports according to their own interpretation.