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And Finally…

Regular readers will know that, with a few honourable exceptions, I don’t have the highest regard for FX strategists. It comes from bitter personal experience and, if I am honest, the surge in retail (sorry – institutional!) FX brokers seeking to give their clients insight (when all they mostly do is report the news). That said, even I would have to draw the line at FX strategists as market manipulators. According to reports at the weekend, however, this is a line that the Turkish authorities are more than willing to cross.

FINRA Seeks to Strengthen Penalties on Repeat Offenders

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) board of governors has approved the next step in what it terms its ongoing initiative to strengthen controls on brokers with a history of significant past misconduct.
The recommended changes also seek to ensure greater accountability for firms that choose to employ high-risk brokers.
FINRA says it plans to issue a Regulatory Notice seeking comment on the key proposals – which would strengthen protections for investors and range from additional disclosure on its BrokerCheck platform to heightened supervision of brokers appealing disciplinary matters.