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Record Currency Management Signs with New Change FX

Currency management firm Record Currency Management has engaged New Change FX, an independent provider of FX data and transaction cost analysis (TCA), to further enhance Record’s commitment to deliver minimum cost and maximum transparency for clients.
Record says it has always placed a high value on minimising transaction costs for clients, and providing the greatest level of transparency and disclosure available in the OTC FX market. To this end, it has a dedicated trading team and maintains multiple routes to access market liquidity.

Record Handed AUD350m Mandate

Record Currency Management has been awarded an AUD350 million mandate by Sunsuper, an Australian superannuation fund.

The mandate is an active currency portfolio, the objective of which is to generate risk-adjusted returns using Record’s Currency Multi-Strategy product, a factor-based return-seeking currency investment strategy.

The mandate size was approximately AUD350 million at mandate inception, as referred to in Record’s fourth quarter trading update on 20 April 2018, when the mandate was funded.

While currency hedging focuses on risk mitigation, Record’s active currency strategies allocate across currency risk premia and are return-seeking in nature, designed to capture the main drivers of return in currency markets.

Record Signs Codes of Conduct

Record Currency Management has signed both the FX Global Code and the Local Government Pension Schemes (LGPS) Investment Code of Transparency.

“Both of these codes are fully aligned with Record’s position as an independent currency manager, acting solely on our clients’ behalf, and promoting the highest standards of transparency and market conduct,” says the firm in a release issued today.

The FX Global Code is a set of principles of good practice in the foreign exchange market that has been developed in partnership between central banks and market participants.