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US July Payrolls Up 1.76 Mln, Unemployment 10.2%

The July employment report reflected continued improvement in the economy, but the rate at which the US is digging out the hole it fell into in March and April clearly slowed. That recovery is likely to be hindered further by the rebound in COVID-19 cases across several states, which forced some states and businesses back […]

US May Payrolls Rise, Unemployment Rate 13.3%

The May employment report showed further impact of the COVID-19 shutdown, but there was no question that the surprisingly positive data point to a turning point after weak March and April readings. There will not be a significant improvement in the employment situation until more businesses reopen, but there should be additional positive signs in […]

US April Payrolls Plunge 20.5mln, Unemployment at 14.7%

The April employment report Friday represented the full effect of the COVID-19 shutdown, with payrolls posting the largest decline on record and the unemployment rate rising to the highest level in the series back to 1948. While employment conditions will not drastically improve until the crisis is over, it is possible that the federal government’s […]