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And Another Thing…

I was asked by a younger generation market participant the other day, “how have things changed from your time in a trading chair?” The answers are obvious; I sleep in, don’t have the angst that I have to check prices every 30 seconds when I am out for dinner or drinks; and, naturally I can […]

Awards for Excellence in e-FX – Deutsche Bank

Thought Leadership This is a totally new angle for these awards and, we feel, a real benefit of the more flexible approach we have taken this year. It is hard to know where to put Deutsche’s work in market structure research within our previous framework, but luckily this year the problem is solved. Execution quality […]

And Another Thing…

The price action in Cable on Monday around the resignation of four government ministers in the UK was interesting and highlighted a nuance of the modern FX market structure. The pertinent question to be considered is: Do we want to have a generally stable market with fewer 200 point moves, but which has occasional flash events; or is it better to have a generally busier market, with more 200 point moves and little – or even no – flash events?

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