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TraditionDATA Partners with Numerix for FX Data

TraditionDATA, the market data and information services division of Tradition, has partnered with Numerix to expand its FX market data coverage. By teaming up with Numerix, a provider of technology solutions and real-time intelligence capabilities for trading and risk management, TraditionDATA is seeking to leverage its analytics expertise and create derived data for more than […]

Ensemble Capital Signs with Numerix

Singapore-based absolute return global AI fund Ensemble Capital, has gone live with Numerix’s Oneview Asset Management solution for risk and portfolio management.
Founded by former JP Morgan FX option traders Atsuo Ogaki and Damien Loh, Ensemble Capital uses machine learning and deep learning AI algorithms to analyse market data, forecast moves and trade currency and currency options in order to generate uncorrelated returns to traditional asset classes. Ensemble’s proprietary AI models instil discipline and provide a systematic approach to markets.