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In the FICC of It

In this week’s podcast Colin Lambert gets his teeth into one of his favourite subjects – spoofing – and, as usual, has some theories about lessons that can be learned elsewhere. Ahead of Forex Network Chicago later this week, however, which will kick off by a panel looking at the FX swaps market structure, the […]

New Change FX Unveils FX Swap Benchmarks, Indices

New Change FX (NCFX) has launched what it says are the world’s first live streaming benchmarks for FX forwards, the calculation of which has enabled the firm to simultaneously launch a set of currency beta indices that are designed to enable structured products to be created which offer asset managers an alternative to taking FX […]

In the FICC of It

On this week’s podcast Colin Lambert is joined by Xav Porterfield, head of research at New Change FX (NCFX), to discuss a new method of measuring execution quality – the unit cost of volatility (UCV). Porterfield explains how the measurement actually derives from a landmark market impact paper in the mid-1990s before the two delve […]

Lumint, New Change FX Partner for Hedging Analytics

Lumint and New Change FX (NCFX) have joined forces to provide a new solution which they say will address all the major challenges and opportunities faced by investment managers wishing to outsource some or all of their hedging programs. Lumint provides a full STP process to obtain the necessary hedge data and establishes a clear […]

New Change FX Links with Lucera Connect

New Change FX’s regulated benchmarks and other data products are now available on the Lucera Connect network, allowing for rapid provisioning to existing Lucera Connect clients and workflow integration to LumeFX deployments. “We are seeing increasing demand for our regulated FX data to enable live performance checking of price formation for both makers and takers,” […]

Coalface Capital Chooses NCFX for Pricing

Coalface Capital, a fintech firm focused on using artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the investment management sector, has selected New Change FX (NCFX) as the pricing provider for its automated trading system. NCFX provides live mid-rates across 2,500 spot pairs and 8,500 different forward tenors. “We conducted a review of possible providers of “true-mid” pricing […]

Jyske Bank Signs NCFX for Data

Denmark’s Jyske Bank says it has selected New Change FX (NCFX) as an independent data source for its capital markets business. The bank’s Markets division will use the data from the independent, ESMA regulated, entity to analyse its FX business.
“[NCFX] provides us with the ability to objectively measure our FX flows against a regulated set of data that is independent of our own stream of FX liquidity,” says Jørn (Luffe) Sodborg, director, head of e-trading and distribution at Jyske Markets.

Record Currency Management Signs with New Change FX

Currency management firm Record Currency Management has engaged New Change FX, an independent provider of FX data and transaction cost analysis (TCA), to further enhance Record’s commitment to deliver minimum cost and maximum transparency for clients.
Record says it has always placed a high value on minimising transaction costs for clients, and providing the greatest level of transparency and disclosure available in the OTC FX market. To this end, it has a dedicated trading team and maintains multiple routes to access market liquidity.

Metzler Hires New Change FX for TCA

Metzler Capital Markets, a German-based currency management firm, has selected New Change FX as their independent partner for analysing transaction costs.

New Change is a UK company that calculates an independent live reference mid-rate for
all currency pairs, with the aim of enabling market users to measure the full cost of their foreign exchange execution.

“By working with New Change FX, we are able to measure transaction costs against an independent benchmark,” says Simon Wesch, senior currency manager at Metzler. “This justifies the trust our customers place in us in currency management. We not only apply best price execution, we also prove it.”

New Change FX Adds Forwards, NDFs, to Service

New Change FX (NCFX) has extended its independent data service to include forward points across standard tenors, non-deliverable forwards and restricted currencies.
Alongside the existing NCFX Spot service, the firm says the roll out ensures it is able to provide independent FX data for analysis of any FX deal. Ahead of the implementation of the PRIIPs rules on 1 January 2018 it is obligatory for FX market users to obtain a consolidated feed of data that cannot be derived from a single dealer or platform.