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EBS to Adopt Moex FX Fixings for eFix

Moscow Exchange (Moex)has authorised the use of its 12:30 FX USD/RUB and EUR/RUB 12:30 FX fixings by CME Group’s EBS eFix matching service platform. The exchange says this will promote the Moex FX fixings among a wider range of international banks and their clients on the global market and strengthen their status as the main […]

MOEX to Acquire Stake in e-FX Platform

Moscow Exchange’s (MOEX) Supervisory Board approved the purchase of a minority stake in BierbaumPro AG and approved an agreement under which the exchange will consolidate ownership of up to 100% of BierbaumPro’s equity over a period of three years. The final price for 100% of the company’s equity will depend on BierbaumPro’s operational and financial […]

Integral Partners with Moex

Integral development Corp has announced a partnership with Moscow Exchange (Moex). Under the deal, through its Open Currency Exchange (OCX), Integral will deliver access to liquidity, higher performance, and lower latency to Moex customers, and Moex will now provide liquidity to the Integral network.
“[Moex] are the dominant exchange in the Russian FX market, and by using the Integral platform, they will be able to offer the best aggregation and deepest liquidity to their clients,” says Harpal Sandhu, CEO of Integral. “Moex will also become a price provider to the Integral network, thereby further enriching the liquidity in OCX.”

Moex Commits to FX Global Code

Moscow Exchange says it has signed a statement of commitment to the FX Global Code, pledging to support robust, fair, liquid, open and transparent foreign exchange markets.
The Code (is a set of global principles of good practice in the foreign exchange market, developed to provide a common set of guidelines to promote the integrity and effective functioning of the wholesale foreign exchange market. It was developed by a partnership between central banks and market participants from 16 jurisdictions around the globe.

MarketFactory Connects to Moex

MarketFactory has added Moscow Exchange Moex) to its API connectivity solution. This addition now provides FX market participants using Whisperer access to 77 FX venues, the firm says.
By adding Moex as a venue, market participants can easily trade the Russian ruble without having to allocate scarce credit lines to hedge the RUB. Moex sees daily volume highs of up to $30 billion with international market participants accounting for approximately 40% of volumes in Russia. Additionally, trading with Moex provides market participants a cleared settlement model.

Fluent Partners with Moex

Fluent Trade Technologies has announced it has partnered with Moscow Exchange (Moex), Russia’s main trading and clearing platform for equities, bonds, derivatives and currencies, to provide clients and prospects with simple and secure access to the Moex UAT integration and testing environment.
Fluent is providing full support for client integration, testing and certification requirements. The new service is live, with Fluent certified to provide low latency interface connectivity services for both ‘Fast’ market data and FIX order management to the Moex FX Market.

Moex Launches FX Fixing Instruments

Moscow Exchange (Moex) is now offering instruments to trade at the Moex FX USD/RUB and EUR/RUB fixing prices with clearing and settlement via its clearinghouse, NCC Clearing Bank.

The new offering aims to provide Russian and international banks with a hedge against the currency risk of OTC trading in rouble NDF with the net return calculated at maturity as the difference between the forward rate and the Moex fixing rate.

The fixing instruments, USDRUB_FIX0 and EURRUB_FIX0, are traded from 10:00-12:15 MSK on days when the Moex USD/RUB FX Fixing and Moex EUR/RUB FX Fixing (?+0) are computed.

Further Mixed News from FX Venues

Thomson Reuters and Moscow Exchange both saw relatively flat performance in October compared to September, however both bucked the year-on-year trend at other platforms by seeing a decline over the 12 month period.
Thomson Reuters says it handled spot average daily volume (ADV) of $95 billion in October, a fraction up on September’s $94 billion but 8.6% lower year-on-year. Across all FX products the company’s platforms handled $269 billion, slightly lower than September’s $271 billion but 8% higher than in October 2015.
This continues a pattern this year that has seen Thomson Reuters persistently report lower year-on-year volumes in spot but higher ADV in the broader product set.
Meanwhile, Moscow Exchange says it handled RUB 1,232 billion in October, 1.6% lower from September and 11.7% lower from October 2015.

Moex Unveils Exec Board, Exchange Council New Appointments

Moscow Exchange has announced a number of new appointments at its executive board and exchange council. Anna Kuznetsova, managing director of Moex’s equity and bond market and Igor Marich, managing director of Moex’s FX and money markets were made members of the executive board for two years, Moex says in a statement Friday. The appointment […]

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