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TP Icap Launches NDF Premium

Inter-dealer broker TP Icap’s Data and Analytics division has launched what it claims is a first of its kind product in NDF Premium. The new service offers an anonymised non-deliverable forward (NDF) feed of orders and matches from Fusion, Icap’s hybrid electronic platform that captures both electronic and voice liquidity pools. The firm says that to […]

In the FICC of It

The move by Refinitiv to a 5ms data feed on its Spot Matching platform has grabbed Colin Lambert’s attention this week, leading him to call for an open debate in the FX industry over the length of last look windows. With both primary venues at 5ms, is it now the time for platforms to step […]

ITRS, Refinitiv, Renew Partnership

ITRS Group, the provider of estate monitoring, capacity planning, IT analytics and load testing to cross-industry enterprise clients, has announced a renewed partnership with Refinitiv. The collaboration will maintain market data feeds for the financial services industry. Although the firm says the deal is a renewal, a release states that Refinitiv clients will now also […]

Velocimetrics Unveils Monitoring Solution for 100 Gbps Feeds

Velocimetrics has announced what it claims is a unique, modular, software-only approach to monitoring and analytics of 100Gbps network feeds. With the service, the firm says exchanges and trading companies can now fast-track their move to 100Gbps (gigabits per second) using their existing hardware, rather than having to invest in new, dedicated and expensive servers. […]

And Finally…

This week sees yet another change in the platform world with, as discussed during our first Dial-in Day in April, Refinitiv Matching releasing a 5ms data stream, bringing it in line with the top feed at EBS Market. This is the latest in a mini-rush of changes at ECN/platform level, following Euronext FX’s change to […]

Cboe FX Launches New CLOB

Cboe FX has unveiled Cboe FX Central, a central limit order book (CLOB) that, according to the company, “rewards liquidity providers in real time for the value they provide”. The launch is scheduled for June 29 and will cover EUR/USD, USD/JPY, Cable, AUD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF and USD/CNH. Under the new model, participants receive market data […]

In the FICC of It

On this week’s podcast Colin Lambert is joined by Xav Porterfield, head of research at New Change FX (NCFX), to discuss a new method of measuring execution quality – the unit cost of volatility (UCV). Porterfield explains how the measurement actually derives from a landmark market impact paper in the mid-1990s before the two delve […]

The True Cost of Trading

At Profit & Loss Dial-in Day Frankfurt, Colin Lambert, managing editor, spoke to David Mercer, CEO of LMAX Group about the true cost of trading in FX markets. In a lively conversation Mercer outlines guidelines for understanding the truecost of trading and along the way talks about the opportunity cost of hold times, the value […]

Building on a Successful FX Platform Business

To read this article in full and watch the video, please register for free In the second part of his video Interview with Profit & Loss, LMAX Group CEO David Mercer talks to Colin Lambert about taking LMAX to the next level through the establishment of new exchanges where necessary and, most pertinently, building a […]

In the FICC of It

The podcast lives up to its name this week with an in-depth look at conditions in fixed income, credit and FX markets as volatility spikes continue in markets generally. After a few observations on bitcoin’s failure to live up to its hype as a hedge in times of turmoil and conditions in the FX market […]