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Crane Joins Lucera

Industry sources tell Profit & Loss that Al Crane has left MarketFactory and is joining Lucera in London in a senior business analysis role. Crane has spent the last 18 months at MarketFactory as senior director of sales, prior to which he held senior e-FX sales roles at ADS Securities and, mainly, SE Banken. Before taking […]

New Change FX Links with Lucera Connect

New Change FX’s regulated benchmarks and other data products are now available on the Lucera Connect network, allowing for rapid provisioning to existing Lucera Connect clients and workflow integration to LumeFX deployments. “We are seeing increasing demand for our regulated FX data to enable live performance checking of price formation for both makers and takers,” […]

Lucera Partners with BSO

Lucera has selected network and data centre provider BSO’s Chicago-New York-London-Tokyo connectivity route to expand its global FX trading reach.

The agreement combines Lucera’s on-demand Software Defined Network (SDN) with BSO’s low-latency circuit, enabling electronic traders to seek out new sources of FX trading flow and rapidly access the major currency regions.

Commenting on the partnership, Peter Durkan, CEO of Lucera, says: “Getting circuits up and running more quickly provides our clients with access to liquidity much faster than would normally be possible. It was so important that our chosen provider not only had a strong US network footprint, but also, a reputation for delivering high quality managed services support across the region. BSO’s ability to get network circuits in place promptly was key to our decision, as this has translated into improved trading performance for our FX clients.”

Lucera Introduces Pre-Trade Credit Tool

Lucera has built out a low latency pre-trade credit control tool that is fully integrated with its LumeFX stack, in a bid to help prime services providers detect and prevent credit limit breaches.

The solution, which is already live and being used by Lucera clients, enables prime service providers the ability to get real-time alerts when one of their clients is approaching their credit limit.

“We got feedback from our clients that some of the products that they were using for pre-trade credit checking were difficult to administer or difficult to understand because they didn’t always make it clear why these credit limits were being triggered.

Lucera Launches Pre-Trade Credit, TCA Tools

Lucera has launched two new products to complement their LumeFX platform

The LumeFX credit service provides pre-trade credit monitoring that can be set up on a hierarchical basis to alert prime brokers, or clients of prime brokers that are also extending credit, when one of their clients is reaching their credit limit.

“We’re getting a lot of traction in the prime-of-prime market with this product, following a shift in the industry where traditional prime brokers are not extending as much credit as they used to.