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MahiFX Unveils MFX Echo

This increased focus on execution quality has not been industry-wide, however, predominantly these analytics packages have been used by top end banks and some (but by no means all) of the larger, more sophisticated asset managers. Beyond those groups the challenge of cost or complexity (or both) has limited access and the willingness to engage with the data. Financial technology provider MahiFX is seeking to redress the balance, however, with the launch of MFX Echo, a trade analysis, liquidity visualisation and price-explain tool.

And Finally…

While I read Friday’s Bank of England Staff Working Paper on the sterling flash crash with interest, I still find myself wondering why we continue to ignore the events of the minute before the crash? Someone was a motivated seller, wouldn’t it be nice to know why that was the case? The paper also highlights one of the more troublesome issues in FX today – liquidity recycling – and that is something that needs a lot more analysis than currently available.