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And Another Thing…

Today’s column is about technology, speed and the race to zero. It also quotes Top Gun – a first in the pages of Profit & Loss – and in reality it does actually care that much. After all, do you pick sides when the National Football League owners (the billionaires) go up against the NFL players (the multi-millionaires) over money?
Speed of technology is important to a certain extent, but there has to be a point when it becomes largely irrelevant to the most important people in the FX industry – the customers.

BSO Expands FX Trading Circuit in Asia

Ethernet, cloud and hosting provider, BSO, has added Singapore and Hong Kong to its FX circuit, citing growing demand for fast and reliable access to trade currency derivatives in emerging markets as the reason for the expansion.

The new routes, built on top of BSO’s London-New York-Tokyo circuit, will enable market makers using the BSO network to trade currency derivatives up to 10 milliseconds faster than before.

The new circuit includes improved latency and more diverse paths between London and Singapore, as well as a new trans-Pacific route for firms looking to trade between New York and Hong Kong. BSO says that it has also optimised its London-Tokyo link to the lowest latency available on the market.

Why Have FastMatch Volumes Spiked?

There have been some raised eyebrows in the FX industry recently amongst those that have noticed FastMatch’s sudden spike in volumes.

Profit & Loss has previously noted FastMatch’s strong start to the year in terms of average daily volumes (ADV), highlighting that in March it reported an ADV of $19.2 billion for the month, a new record high and almost double the $10.1 billion ADV it registered in March 2016.

Then in April it set another high water mark in ADV terms, eclipsing March’s record with ADV of $19.8 billion in April, up 83.3% from April 2016.

EBS Announces New 5ms Data Feed

EBS BrokerTec will now be offering data via EBS Live Ultra at 5 millisecond intervals.

Last year, EBS BrokerTec launched EBS Live Ultra with two data publication intervals – 100ms and 20ms – with the intention that the faster service would be available to all market participants that meet certain trading criteria.

With the launch of the 5ms data feed in addition to these original two, the same participation criteria will apply for those wishing to access this, while the 20ms data feed will be available to all EBS Live Ultra customers.

Thomson Reuters Launches Faster Matching Data Feed

Thomson Reuters Matching is to become the latest platform to increase the frequency of its market data updates.
The firm says that in response to client requests for more frequent market data updates of currency pairs on Matching, it will launch a new Matching Binary Multicast Feed.
The new feed will increase update frequencies for Matching real-time market data by up to 10 times to 25 milliseconds, improving price discovery and data delivery for clients. The feed will be available in the Equinix LD4 data centre and be in FIX SBE format.
Clients will be able to access test data from November 2016 ahead of full production access in Q1 2017.