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Italian Banks’ Net Bad Loans Fell in August

The volume of Italy’s banks’ net bad loans fell to €24 billion in August, down from €32 billion a year ago and €40 billion in 2018, Italy’s Banking Association, ABI, said Tuesday in a report. Since November 2015, when the highest peak in bad loans reached €89 billion, there has been an overall drop of – […]

Five on Friday: What Happened in Markets This Week

Lizzy Birmingham provides a brief roundup of the major FX moves this week, and the drivers behind each. 1) GBP Plummets Amid Uncertainty The British pound has hit a four month low. The continued drop in value has been caused by opposing parties failing to create Brexit deal and the looming resignation of Prime Minister […]

EUR to Spring a Surprise on Markets?

The euro performed well in 2017, but can it keep going? Galen Stops suggests that political factors mean that this currency could surprise markets in 2018.

This time last year, the European Union was still grappling with the fact that one of its biggest members was poised to leave the club, people were nervous about a populist, anti-EU party winning the Dutch general election, and even more nervous about a populist, anti-EU party winning the French election and presidency.

As a result, markets were – understandably – pricing a lot of risk into the Eurozone.

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