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WeMatch Adds Euro IRS

WeMatch, a web-based thus far focused on equity markets and OTC-cleared derivatives, has added euro interest rate swaps to its suite of products and says 10 banks are using the service. The dealer-to-dealer platform offers, the firm says, human traders tools and workflow to match and negotiate trades and now supports euro IRS curves, butterflies, […]

TriOptima in Record Compression Run on Eurex

CME Group’s TriOptima says it has reduced notional outstanding at Eurex Clearing by 26% following a record compression run on June 26, 2019. The latest run, which equates to $3.9 trillion worth of cleared euro interest rate swaps (IRS) and forward rate agreements (FRAs), represents a 143% increase on the previous record of $1.6 trillion. […]

CFTC Announces New IRS Market Measurement

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) chairman, Christopher Giancarlo, has released a new paradigm for measuring the size of the global swaps markets.

In a speech delivered at a conference in New York, Giancarlo declared that “swaps have a problem of large numbers”, adding: “We have known it for a long time. Sizing the global swaps markets in hundreds of trillions of dollars has done nothing to bring clarity to newspaper accounts, policy discussions in Congress, or regulatory policy setting in the decade since the financial crisis. Rather, it more often confuses the issue and hinders dispassionate consideration and sound policy setting.”

As a result, Giancarlo said that the CFTC must bring some clarity regarding how to accurately size contemporary swaps markets.