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Interest rate benchmarks

ISDA Launches Global Consultation on Benchmark Fallbacks

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association has launched a market-wide consultation on technical issues related to new benchmark fallbacks for derivatives contracts that reference certain interbank offered rates.
The consultation sets out options for adjustments that would apply to the fallback rate in the event an IBOR is permanently discontinued.
ISDA has been leading an industry effort to implement robust fallbacks for derivatives contracts referenced to certain Ibors since 2016, at the request of the Financial Stability Board’s Official Sector Steering Group.

CFTC Fines JP Morgan Over ISDAFix

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission has issued an Order simultaneously filing and settling charges against JP Morgan for what it says was the attempted manipulation and “muscling” of the US dollar ISDAFix 11am benchmark including the submitting of false rates. The order also requires the bank to pay a $65 million civil monetary penalty and is related to actions undertaken by certain of its traders over a five-year period, beginning in at least January 2007 and continuing through January 2012.

ANZ Settles With Regulator Over Benchmark Case

In a brief statement today, ANZ has announced it has reached a confidential in-principle agreement with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to settle court action relating to the Australian interbank BBSW market.
ANZ, along with NAB and Westpac, has been charged by ASIC in respect of allegations it attempted to manipulate the local interest rate benchmark setting process – the Bank Bill Swap Rate.
The bank has not said how much it has agreed to pay, nor whether it is admitting guilt.