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FXPB: It’s Been a Bumpy Road

Galen Stops charts the ups and downs of FX prime brokerage over the past 20 years and looks at how this segment of the market might be ripe for innovation going forward. Ask anyone who has been around in the FX market for the past 20 years to list the key developments that have shaped […]

FX and the Big Bang Theory

As electronic trading went mainstream, it created an explosion of growth in the market. But has this growth run out of steam? Galen Stops takes a look. The Big Bang Theory – in addition to being a popular American sitcom – is a well-known scientific thesis that posits the universe started with a small singularity […]

Analysing the Implications of Citi’s FXPB Cull

The news this week that Citi served a 90-day notice to the largest non-bank market making firms in FX – including Jump Trading, XTX Markets, Virtu Financial, HC Technologies and, at an earlier point in time, GTS – that it is no longer willing to offer them FX prime brokerage (PB) services, certainly got tongues […]

EBS Launches API Streaming of Quant Analytics

EBS is launching a new API streaming service on its quant analytics platform. The new functionality is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2019 and will stream trade information, market impact and alpha calculations on a trade-by-trade basis to clients.
Profit & Loss has previously reported how, using benchmark data taken from the entire EBS ecosystem, the analytics platform is designed to provide insights that allow clients to analyse trade flows, optimise execution efficiencies and benchmark their performance against the EBS community, including statistics on averages for like-for-like trades.

Competition Continues to Heat Up Amongst Liquidity Providers

As more non-bank liquidity providers become active in the FX space, firms need to find ways to differentiate themselves to their counterparties, says Giovanni Pillitteri, portfolio manager at HC Technologies.

“I do think that there will be certain consolidation in some counterparties,” he said in response to a question about increased competition amongst liquidity providers. “If your edge is only based on speed, that’s going to be commoditised, so you need to have the full spectrum of solutions and offer that full spectrum of solutions to counterparties to be able to compete in this environment.”

Pillitteri also emphasised the importance of having a broader, cross-asset approach to trading in order to be a successful FX liquidity provider.

Kent Joins HC Tech

Tracey Kent has joined HC Technologies as head of e-FX sales for Europe and Asia.

Based in London, Kent joins the firms from FIXI, where she had spent over a year in an institutional sales role. Prior to that she had also held an institutional sales position at AxiCorp.

Before joining AxiCorp in 2014, Kent worked for five years as vice president, Europe and Asia Pacific sales at Integral, and five years as a sales executive at Icap.

FXPA Expands with HC Technologies Membership

HC Technologies has joined the Foreign Exchange Professionals Association (FXPA) as a supporting member of the FX trade group.

“HC Technologies is pleased to support the FXPA in its efforts to promote discussion between regulators and market participants in the ever-changing global FX environment,” says Joe Niciforo, managing partner of HC Technologies.

The addition of HC Technologies brings the FXPA’s membership up to 24 firms, after Jump Trading joined the group as a governing council member earlier this month.

“FXPA’s aim is to represent the breadth of the industry’s views to those in legislative and regulatory policymaking roles in an effort to educate and support those with oversight of our markets. Being a consensus-driven organisation enables members to come together on a variety of essential topics to produce views that represent a market with many variables. We are pleased to welcome HC Technologies into the growing number of firms that are lending their voice to the work that FXPA is doing,” says an FXPA spokesperson.