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And Finally…

The last week has seen plenty of activity concerning conduct-related issues. We have had the first trader plead guilty to collusion and manipulation, a group of banks have had their fines for the same misconduct ratified and a trader has – rarely – lost an unfair dismissal case. As the lawyers continue to pick over the carcass of the conduct issue, the industry needs to focus on renewal and central to this is the establishment of a proportional sense of realism – both on the part of individuals and their employers.

Virtu Sees FX Revenues Fall: Signs Deal with JPM

Virtu Financial has signed a three year deal with JP Morgan to provide technology and market access to the dealer-to-dealer US Treasury market. “I am very pleased to announce that we have partnered with JP Morgan on an initiative to marry our proprietary systems and order routing with JP Morgan’s trading experience through a technology […]