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And Another Thing…

I teased a theme on Monday in the column regarding the oversight of FX businesses to which I want to return. If there is one recurring theme that I hear from talking to managers in the trading businesses, both voice and ‘e’, it is that not only do their compliance teams not understand the nuances of markets, they take up valuable time from people on the desk asking unnecessary questions and having basic themes explained to them. It’s just not an efficient model.

And Finally…

We speak a lot about disruption in FX markets, but more often than not we focus on the trading piece of the puzzle. It is not only there that traditional models and values are being challenged, however, as was highlighted early in the Asian trading day today when news of three resignations from the UK government was reported.
It is not a new phenomenon, but this morning offered a dramatic and, for the incumbents, disturbing insight into the future when the Twitter-sphere had the news out well in advance of the traditional news wires.

FX Markets Stable as UK Heads for Hung Parliament

After an initial 1.7% drop when the exit poll was released in the UK predicting a surprise hung parliament after the UK general election, FX markets have stabilised with Cable ranging around 1.2750 and EUR/GBP around 0.8780.
Market sources say volumes have dropped from the earlier high levels as uncertainty over the outcome reigned, however the market appears to have come to terms with a minority government. BBC predicts the Conservatives will win 318 seats, with Labour in second place on 262 and analysts at the broadcaster say there is “no way” that a hung parliament can be avoided.