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FX Turnover Rises Again in October

Following what remains to some a surprisingly strong number from the Bank for International Settlements’ Triennial Survey of FX Turnover in April 2019, the latest semi-annual reports from seven of the world’s FX committees indicates that turnover increased again in October 2019. The UK and Canada hit new peaks for FX turnover in the month, […]

South Africa Establishes FX Committee

The South African Reserve Bank has announced the establishment of the South African Foreign Exchange Committee.
The new committee reflects the make up of similar bodies elsewhere by building a forum consisting of key professionals and associations in the domestic wholesale FX market, such as Authorised Dealers, the Association of Corporate Treasurers of South Africa, the FX interdealer broker community, ACI South Africa, the Banking Association of South Africa, the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa as well as a representative of the Financial Services Board.

FX Committee Surveys Show Trading Was Up During April

FX trading volumes were up in the UK, US, Japan, Canada, Singapore and Australia in April compared to October 2015, according to the FX Committees’ semi-annual results. In the UK, average daily reported foreign exchange turnover was $2,213 billion in April 2016, up 5% compared to October 2015, but some 9% lower than a year […]