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And Finally…

This is normally the column where I “entertain” you with my own semi-annual complaint about the FX committees’ semi-annual turnover reports all being different (perhaps this is a task for the GFXC – produce uniform reporting?) I have, though, given up on that crusade for a while and prefer to take the data for what it is – an interesting snapshot into the FX market on a regional basis.
The surveys in the UK and US are the most comprehensive (but still structured differently!) and I wonder if we are starting to see evidence of the impact democratisation in FX markets?

And Another Thing…

I have long been a sceptic over the market share model in FX, to me the question should always be about the quality of business, not the quantity, but that is not to say that a reasonable share of flow isn’t important – it is. Market share is equally important – I would argue much […]

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