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P&L Talk Series – Fluent Trade Technologies

Colin Lambert talks to David Faulkner, head of business development at Fluent Trade Technologies, about the need for new thinking around how the FX industry evolves technology; the case for outsourcing non-IP processes and how technology can play a key role in helping a firm adhere to the FX Global Code of Conduct. They also discuss how this can help larger trading firms compete more successfully with smaller, nimbler trading firms in markets, as well as better focus their investment dollars.

Fluent Adds FX Post-Trade and Credit APIs

Fluent Trade Technologies has announced that it has enhanced its trading technology platform by launching post-trade risk management services and ‘at-trade’ venue credit and kill switch APIs. The new services are hosted on the same platform as Fluent’s existing pre-trade risk controls.
The post-trade services work across multiple trading venues, providing unified ECN and liquidity provider (LP) drop copy feed with reconciliation, post-trade risk management controls and management, and API connectivity between Fluent’s risk management system and clients’ legacy risk systems and market data indexes.

Fluent Partners with Moex

Fluent Trade Technologies has announced it has partnered with Moscow Exchange (Moex), Russia’s main trading and clearing platform for equities, bonds, derivatives and currencies, to provide clients and prospects with simple and secure access to the Moex UAT integration and testing environment.
Fluent is providing full support for client integration, testing and certification requirements. The new service is live, with Fluent certified to provide low latency interface connectivity services for both ‘Fast’ market data and FIX order management to the Moex FX Market.

Fluent Rolls Out EBS Live Ultra Connectivity

Fluent Trade Technologies (Fluent) is now supporting the EBS Live Ultra spot FX data feed and is actively connecting EBSBrokerTec clients to the new service.

“This is a potential game changer for the way the FX market consumes live data, but firms need to be prepared.

“Our focus will be on simplifying connectivity to this important market data feed for our clients, so they can focus on their trading strategies to take advantage of the opportunity EBS Live Ultra presents,” says David Faulkner, head of business development at Fluent.