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And Finally…

This is the 1000th column I have written about (mainly) our industry (no, I am not sure I can believe it either!), and if it wasn’t going to be last look then what is a more appropriate subject that something I have been looking at for more than a decade – yes, we are back […]

FMSB Paper Calls for Further Data Standardisation

The second Spotlight Review published by the FICC Markets Standards Board (FMSB) highlights the important role of data in financial markets and stresses that if markets are to remain stable and trusted, the rapid growth of new technology and of data science must be balanced with ever more effective governance and control. The latest paper […]

And Another Thing…

Well, Monday’s column (that, to confuse everyone, went out last Thursday such was my race to publish), certainly poked the hornets’ nest. It’s been a while since I have been involved in such a spirited debate over something and I suppose it was inevitable if it wasn’t last look then it was, after more than […]

Latest Profit & Loss Issue Now Live

The latest issue of Profit & Loss magazine is now live, click here to access it. In this issue we review the single dealer platform industry and discuss the latest innovations and ideas therein, as well as present the 2020 Digital FX Awards in full. FX market conditions are also in the spotlight as we […]

In the FICC of It

This week’s podcast allows Colin Lambert to sound off on two of his favourite subjects as he discusses buzz from various conversations that indicates some LPs in FX markets are extending their last look windows. Referring back to concerns he has raised before in both his columns and on this podcast, Lambert wonders why LPs […]

Citi Partners with Rapid Addition for Fix Connectivity

Citi has appointed electronic trading platform provider Rapid Addition as one of its core FIX platform partners for currency trading and integrated the Rapid Addition Fix engine, as well as the Rapid Addition Hub platform, into its new pricing technology for spot FX, which clients can connect to in co-locations across London, Tokyo, New York, and Singapore. The Fix […]

And Another Thing…

I noticed that an old favourite turned up in the news cycle last week – indeed I suspect it is moving into the market’s general psyche given more people are talking to me about it – and that is peer-to-peer matching, more specifically asset managers seeking to by-pass the banks because the latter are able […]

And Another Thing…

I have previously argued that the FX industry needs to pay attention to the outcome of the Mark Johnson trial. Reading through the appeal documents, however, indicates the stakes have been raised. The prosecution’s original case was, in my opinion, flawed when looking at how the FX market works, but the new charges take this to a new level and they throw into a harsher light the reluctance of certain trade associations to engage and educate the US authorities earlier in this case – we can only hope it is not too late.