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And Another Thing…

Someone recently challenged me on my assertion that the CLOB model is stagnant in the FX markets. I am glad they did as I love a good debate, but it became clear that either I had not been clear enough or my challenger had missed the point. I don’t think the CLOB model will disappear, […]

In the FICC of It

There is a controversial start to this week’s podcast as P&L’s managing director Colin Lambert ponders whether the US really does have an “innocent until proven guilty” ethos in its legal system, before debating whether a firm, no last look, order book can really be spoofed? He argues “intention to deal” is fairly easy to […]

And Another Thing…

Monday’s column – predicably I have to say – prompted no little chatter on my communication channels, it’s always that way when I write about the primary venues, and amongst the always interesting conversations was an idea or two about why the April and May data were so awful, and the suggestion of a scenario […]

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