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Fed’s Kaplan for “Restraint” in Doing More Monetary Stimulus

Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Robert Kaplan says the Fed is “quite a ways” from considering raising interest rates, but advocated “restraint” in doing more to stimulate the economy. Although inflation has long run below the Fed’s 2% target, Kaplan said he is “cognisant” of the possibility that inflation could accelerate in coming years. He […]

Fed’s Rosengren: Slowdown Evident in High Frequency Data Likely to Continue

Signs of slowing evident in recent high-frequency data are likely to persist and states are not doing enough to control the virus, Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren said Wednesday. Rosengren, in remarks for delivery at an online event hosted by the South Shore Chamber of Commerce in Massachusetts, repeated the Fed’s message that the outlook […]

FX The “Oasis of Relative Calm” in Markets as Analysts Ponder Next Moves

A series of coordinated central bank actions around the world has failed to stave off another collapse in equity markets with volatility spiking once again and several indices down more than 5% on the day. The Federal Reserve cut rates by 100bp on Sunday and promised further QE initiatives, it also suggested in its forward […]

Bullard: Don’t Assume FOMC Will Cut Again

St Louis Federal Reserve Bank president James Bullard Wednesday cautioned markets not to assume that the Fed’s policymaking Federal Open Market Committee will cut interest rates again at its March 17-18 meeting. Bullard did not rule out another cut in the federal funds rate on March 18 in a telephone conference with reporters, but doubted […]

Mapping the Scenarios for Today’s Election

Today marks the conclusion of an acrimonious US Presidential race, with two candidates promising very different approaches to handling the US economy. As a result, analysts have been furiously mapping out the potential impacts of either result.

If Clinton wins:

Analysts at ING predict that in the case of a Clinton win USD will retrace its pre-election losses and re-couple with Federal Reserve expectations.

“Latest breakout of wage growth from post-crisis range means a Clinton win should see markets (fully) price in a Dec Fed rate hike,” they note.

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