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Survey: NAFTA Cited as Main Driver of MXN this Year

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is the top macroeconomic issue that will affect the Mexican peso this year, according to the results of a Bloomberg foreign exchange survey announced today.

After polling more than 100 financial professionals in Mexico, Bloomberg found that 46% said that NAFTA is the macroeconomic factor that will have the biggest impact on the peso.

Meanwhile, 34% of attendees said that the peso would be most affected by the presidential election on July 1.

And Another Thing…

And so to the first Irrational of 2017 and we kick off with a new category – I had to, some of the old ones were very boring in 2017 – my Entertainer of the Year.
In years gone by this would, no doubt, have been awarded to a voice broker who ensured I drank my bodyweight in beer at least once a month, but thankfully the world has moved on from those days (my body weight has certainly increased as well).