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What’s Next in the Evolution of the FX Asset Class?

The rise of FX prime brokerage was one of the reasons why the growth of this asset class exploded in the mid 2000s, but is the model still fit for purpose today? Credit appears to have become increasingly constrained in recent years, is this squeeze just temporary or do funds need to look to alternative […]

Volatility’s Comeback – The Infrastructure

At Profit & Loss Dial-In Day London on April 29th, the second session looked at industry infrastructure, notably, what was the number one takeaway from the events of February and March?  The second session looked at what panelists saw as the main challenges around connectivity, market data and messaging. David Lyons, COO of EuronextFX; David […]

Reid to Swap Citi for Deutsche

Dave Reid has left Citi and is set to be named as the new global head of FX prime brokerage (FXPB) at Deutsche Bank, according to market sources.
Based in London, Reid had been with Citi since July 2006 and was responsible for prime brokerage sales at the bank.
Prior to joining Citi, Reid held roles in prime brokerage and e-FX at AIG Financial Products, Atriax and ANZ Investment Bank, as well as derivatives sales and trading roles in various locations globally for Swiss Bank Corporation.